Vegan Bae Bomb Salad

This salad is simply DELICIOUS! Be sure to make it according to your specifics prescribed in your meal plan, includes measurements, and ingredients. Add protein if needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Let’s talk about the ingredients: 2 cups of Mixed Greens (Add as many greens as you’d…

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Seitan Jackfruit Veggie Bowl

INGREDIENTS spinach 100 gm 23 cal asparagus 100 gm 20 cal black beans no salt added by 365 1 Cup(s) 220 cal portabella mushroom 53 gm 12 cal produce fruits cherry tomatoes 15 gram 4 cal chipotle style seitan by sweet earth 1 serving 170 cal avocados 100 gm 160 cal brown rice, cooked 142…

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Vegan Doesn’t Automatically Equal = Weight Loss

Built By Plants Dieting for weight loss

(For context, I was 100% Vegan in both images above, so what made the visual difference?) Lately I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s from people asking about what do they need to do to actually lose weight. Practical steps. Along with quite a few others lamenting the fact that even after they went vegan,…

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Vegan Creamy Cheesy Spinach Cavatappi with Seitan

Mogul Naj holding Vegan Cavatappi

I was strolling through Whole foods yesterday looking for something new to try, and landed in the pasta aisle. I was checking out the Banza collection and saw the only kind of pasta I haven’t tried of theirs, Cavatappi. Honestly, I’ve never even heard of Cavatappi until then lol. But I grabbed it to give…

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