How to rebuild your body

with a plant based diet, fast AF

Inside of Built By Plants, I'll show you

What to eat, and how to structure your meals to start building lean muscle while Optimizing your Health with a Plant-based diet. Oh, and without giving up ANY of your favorite dishes. Sounds good?

Built By Plants Nutrition Guide

To Lose Weight, Gain Weight, Build Muscle, and/or Rebuild Your Overall Health.

Inside this ebook, you'll learn

About ALL of The Different Kinds of diets, under the Plant-Based Umbrella.

I admit it, I'm biased towards the vegan diet... but I'm not dogmatic. Inside of Built By Plants, break down all types of diets that fall under the plant-based umbrella, so you can make the best decision for yourself. Including vegetarian diets: 

  • Ovo-vegetarian
  • Lacto-vegetarian
  • Pescatarian 
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians

As well as all of the Vegan diets, such as:

  • Raw Vegan
  • Junk Food Vegan
  • Whole Food Plant-based
  • Just Plant-based/Vegan and more..

If you're not already Vegan, my goal of this section is for you to realize that you don't have to drop everything overnight. You can transition slowly by simply adding and replacing foods to make a lifelong lifestyle change.


The Ever Evolving Nutrition Guide, Like No Other:

The Built By Plants nutrition guide is an evolving ebook that’s continuously updated every month with new recipes, and science backed research on plant based dieting for optimizing your health while building muscle.

Each month, You'll receive Notifications via Email and Social Media each time I add a new recipe or nutrition chapter update to the ebook. All you do is refresh your download link, where else can you find anything like this!?

If you want to Rebuild Your Dream Body, you'll need to understand:

Calories, Macros, Micros and how to manipulate them for your individual goals.

Losing weight, Gaining weight, and Building muscle effectively requires understanding how to control your calories and Macronutrients. I'll break this down in laymen's terms to help you manipulate your body composition to your likings. 

You'll also receive a full understanding of micronutrients to make sure you hit your daily nutrient recommendations to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.

Not Sure what to eat on a Plant-based diet?

Tired of eating the same routine meals and want to switch it up?

I've included 20+ Protein Packed Plant-based meals that you can eat any time of day, including some of my personal Go-To meals that I've used to help pack lean muscle on my frame. 


  • Protein Shakes
  • Green Smoothies  (that don't taste like it.)
  • Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas
  • Smoothie Bowls
  • Delicious Salads
  • Protein Pancakes & French Toast
  • Proats (Protein + Oats)
  • Protein Bars, Balls & Bites
  • And SO much many more recipes that I can't think of at the time of typing this.

Learn about the things that used to confuse me

  • Should I buy fresh, frozen or canned food?
  • Is it ok to eat soy?
  • Do I have to buy organic?
  • What about Meal Timing, do I have to stop eating after 7pm?
  • Which foods should I buy in bulk

I used to struggle with all of these questions, which is why I did the research and took the time to break it all of this down inside of Built By Plants... So you can focus on getting results.

Built By Plants Nutrition Guide
"This all sounds great, but who's this guide for?"

As long as you're human, this guide WILL work for you!

The information in this guide applies to both male and female. I've organized the guide in a way that first shows you: 

  • What foods you should eat for optimal health. 
  • Why you should eat them (meaning the vitamins and minerals you get out of them).
  • and lastly, How to eat them with every day with a framework of simple muscle meals that taste amazing. 

If your goal is to gain weight, there's a full chapter for you. Likewise, if you're trying to drop unwanted body fat, I've outlined the process of how to accomplish it.

You be applying the same strategies I consistently use to stay healthy, fit and feeling amazing all year long.

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The Kitchen Rebuild

The objective of this guide is to Systemize your eating habits. The goal is to Eradicate temptations for foods that don’t assist you with your goals and that provoke you to indulge in detrimental eating behaviors while, at the same time, replacing them with health-promoting foods.

It's designed to help you gain control over your eating choices and puts you on track for success.

  • This is a Fully digital book, so you will have Instant Access! No waiting for it to ship out, or paying for shipping and handling!